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On the outskirts of cities and villages in Mexico along the border with the United States live colonies of families struggling for items that we take for granted every day. Their homes consist of scrap wood, pallets, old bed springs and plastic that they salvage from nearby garbage dumps. There are no paved streets. Many areas have no water or electricity. Their diet consists of beans, rice, corn tortillas and occasionally the meat of a chicken which was raised in their yard. For them life is difficult.

To provide for their families, many rummage through the dump for items to sell, to wear and sometimes to eat. Some maneuver homemade donkey driven carts through the city picking up garbage to support their family. Others work as laborers in local factories. A typical wage is $20 to $40 per week. A factory wage is $60 to $80 per week. Poverty prevails. There is hope.

At Strategic Alliance, we have learned to look for and identify needs. Together we can fill them with genuine love.

Please peruse our site and dig a little deeper--to learn more about our mission and, possibly, more about yourself.

Thank you Jesus for your kindness. If it hadn't been for these special people, my family wouldn't have a home. (translated from Spanish) --Elvia Gonzales