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Homes for the Homeless is a mission of Strategic Alliance that started in 1993 when a missionary couple visited an area surrounding the border town of Reynosa, Mexico. Seeing the landscape for the first time, it was a sight of unimaginable deprivation. Families, who had nowhere to go, settled on a dusty piece of land previously used as a trash dump. They make do with what they can find, forming tiny dwellings out of scrap boards, pallets, cardboard, tin and pieces of plastic. Hope has no borders.

We have also found that love has no borders. Since that first trip, Strategic Alliance has built over 2500 homes, changing the future and giving hope to these families. Strategic Alliance organizes and coordinates teams from the United States to build a home for a family in desperate need.

This outreach is “hands on” although construction skills are not necessary. Sometimes the most lasting impact is on the people who go. Side-by-side with the people of the dump, the team builds a home for a family in need. As we reach beyond ourselves our lives are changed. Teams return home having received much more than they have given. They will never be forgotten by the family for whom they built.

The story of Homes for the Homeless is setting foundations, building walls, lending a hand, supporting dreams, solidifying friendships and ultimately giving and receiving joy! Families experience the love of Jesus and many make their heart a home for Him. We welcome your help to build a home for a family and reach into their lives with the love of Christ. Please let us know how you can help.

God wants to start a rich, real, vital relationship of give-and-take, loving and being loved. Donations are accepted as well as willing team members.

Your gift will change a family’s life forever. And possibly, even your own!

If you are interested in joining one of our upcoming teams, please view our Calendar page for important dates.

Safety is of the utmost concern to Strategic Alliance. Please view our Safety Policy, F.A.Q.'s About Safety and our Safety Procedures for while in Mexico.


Together we CAN change the future of a generation.

In 2010 there was a flood on the Rio Grande River. 650 homes built by Strategic Alliance were flooded and for two months the water stayed inside the homes. Families were forced to live on a levee as they waited for the water to recede. Strategic Alliance provided tons of rice, beans and supplies during this time. The greatest need however was that many of the children would not be able to attend school without assistance. A pastor from San Antonio saw the need and encouraged his church to help. A week before classes began 405 children were sponsored. All school fees and test fees were paid. School supplies, backpacks, new shoes, new uniforms, socks and underwear were provided. Escuela Viva (School Alive) was born! Today hundreds of children have sponsors and are part of the program.

For the past few years, drug cartels have competed to control the territory around Reynosa. Children as young as eight years old are being recruited to become soldiers in the cartel. The temptation is great because the parents cannot afford to send their children to school. You have the opportunity to change the destiny of a child.

We have learned to look for needs. Together we can fill them with genuine love. Your sponsorship need not be huge to make a tremendous difference in the life of a child. Just a few dollars a day can provide resources to educate, counsel and influence these youth in a positive way. With your donations and sponsorship ESCUELA VIVA, a ministry of Strategic Alliance, can provide a way for children to rise above a life of rummaging through the trash to attain the necessities to live.

The children are so grateful to their sponsoring families. Often they write a letter to keep you informed of the difference your sponsorship is making in their lives. Your help is a powerful blend of heart and action. Today you have the privilege to sponsor a child. You also can have the honor of hugging them as Reynosa, Mexico is close. That will change your life!