There are many ways you can help Strategic Alliance carry out our mission. We could not do all the things we do without the help of those who volunteer.

  • Organize a team to build a home or homes for the homeless. It is simple. This website provides the information and tools to help you such as outlining the cost for team members, cost of materials and what to bring. Once you get to the border STRATEGIC ALLIANCE staff will assist you with everything else. All food, transportation and lodging is provided. Contact our office if you would like to help.
  • We always have children who need a sponsor. Sunday school classes, youth groups, families with children sponsor one or a number of children as a class, group or family project. Sponsorship provides an opportunity for a child to attend school who would normally not be able to go. Sponsors provide school fees, test fees, new uniforms, new shoes, underwear socks, backpacks and all their school supplies.
  • Translators are needed to help teams communicate with their families. Many teams don't have a person that speaks Spanish. It is a blessing to have someone to help with translation. STRATEGIC ALLIANCE staff members speak Spanish and are always willing to help when they can. Love is a language that does not require a translator and all of our teams are well able to communicate using that language.