While many children are now able to attend school through our sponsorship program called Escuela Viva, many are still unable to continue to Middle School due to the cost of transportation. That is when the dream of building a Middle School in the Colonia was birthed.

Our goal is to raise $150,000 to establish a state sanctioned, Christian, middle school in the neighborhood where the children live. The children will not only get an excellent middle school education but hear the Gospel and be taught the Bible at the same time. Funds raised through donations for the book will enable us to purchase land, build a building, hire teachers and furnish the school. Your help, large or small, will be greatly appreciated. We’ve created a book for which we ask a minimum donation of $50. All of the proceeds from the book will go toward building this Middle School!

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING! This book is a beautiful collection of images and testimonies accumulated over the years. It describes a community of people who live and work in and around a garbage dump a stones throw from the United States.