The past 24 years Strategic Alliance has established strong relationships (strategic alliances) with local government, community leaders, police and the military. Because of these alliances, we are equipped to deal with safety issues we might encounter. Our philosophy regarding the safety of our teams has always been proactive rather than responsive.

Strategic Alliance has built hundreds of homes in the same area of Reynosa, Mexico surrounding two garbage dumps. Literally all of the people in these communities have been touched by our ministry. Our Mexican staff lives in the communities we where we labor. Over the years we have never felt threatened.

Many news stories have been reported recently about personal safety in Reynosa. We realize that this is possibly a source of concern for parents and leaders of future Strategic Alliance teams. We are certain that God has called us to reach out to the poor and advance His Kingdom in needy areas of Reynosa. We know that He is with us and is guiding our steps. If, at any time, we feel that we cannot provide a safe work and living environment for our team members, we will cancel our outreaches and notify you immediately.