2015 Safety Procedures for ministry teams in Reynosa, Mexico (Current as of 11/1/2014)

Strategic Alliance has always been diligent in providing for the safety of our teams. For the past 23 years, Strategic Alliance has labored to provide secure work sites for our teams to build and minister. Strategic Alliance considers the safety of our teams its utmost importance.

We aggressively implement procedures that secure the safety of our teams. Security and safety is our first priority.

Strategic Alliance has built strong relationships (strategic alliances) in Mexico over these past 23 years. Through excellent cooperation with the police, the local government and the communities we serve we are very well equipped to handle any safety issues that might arise.

Guidelines for the Safety of our teams in Reynosa Strategic Alliance ministry teams partner with local churches to provide a unique ministry experience. Every outreach is different, every home unique and every team member and family they serve are blessed!

In order to limit exposure to known risks, we ask that groups work within our outlined recommendations to travel and labor safely while in Reynosa, Mexico.

Arrival at the border:

  • All teams will be escorted into Mexico by Strategic Alliance staff.
  • After going through Mexico’s Customs area (Aduana) we will proceed to the hotel.
  • Changes in border procedures have increased wait times at Customs at the border. Please bring a detailed typewritten inventory of all gifts to be left with the families on church or company stationery. List separately the tools you plan to take back to the United States.

Returning to the U.S.:

  • A Strategic Alliance Ministry representative will escort teams back into the United States.
  • Teams must leave Mexico before dark the day of departure. Wait time on the bridge entering the United States can be very long. Ask Strategic
  • Alliance representatives the best times to leave Mexico. In the event of an emergency requiring a trip to the U.S., a Strategic Alliance representative will be assigned to escort your vehicle(s) to the border line.

While In Mexico, groups should:

  • Inform their Strategic Alliance Field Representative at all times of any intended travel, preferably the evening prior to such travel.
  • Limit travel solely to the route given to and from the hotel each day. Teams needing to shop at Soriana will return to the hotel before dark.
  • Refrain from traveling in vehicles alone to/from the hotel, stores, or border. Instead, travel in groups of two or more individuals. Return to the hotel each evening by 6pm or dusk, whichever is sooner, and remain at the hotel.
  • Avoid going to tourist areas (markets, bars, etc) which represent a safety risk.
  • Stay within eyesight of your group at all times and do not allow individuals to walk around the communities or walk alone anywhere off the work site. If walking, travel in groups of three or more and remain within eyesight of the work site.
  • Please, do not invite the family for whom you are building or any acquaintances made while in Mexico back to hotel.
  • Strategic Alliance is sensitive to our group’s needs and will provide, to the best of our ability, anything needed to complete the goal.
  • Needs in the poor communities of Mexico are greater than ever. Doors remain open for Strategic Alliance to continue to serve “the least of these”
  • as Jesus mentions in Matthew 25:40 AMP. We believe that God has prepared the way for us to share His love and the good news of His Gospel.

Strategic Alliance is called to serve the poor in Mexico.
Proverbs 16:9 AMP says, "A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.”

We believe that it is His will that we continue to reach out to those in need in Reynosa. If you would like to join us please ask God His will for where you can serve. He is faithful and will let you know if you are to come with us.